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In the market we can find various brands of whiskey that differ from each other by the type of cereal and by the distillation process.

For example, a scotch whisky is made in Scotland in two ways, with malted barley (known as single malt), and with malted barley and another type of cereal (single grain). Scotch whisky enjoys high international prestige and the distillate is made for three years in oak barrels.

Instead, bourbon whiskey is made from corn in the state of Kentucky, Bourbon County of the United States. In Ireland it is also called whiskey, but it is made with a triple distillate of the fermented barley extract. In Canada, whiskey is derived from the mixture of corn, wheat, barley, and sometimes, rye.

There are several brands of Scotch whisky, such as Ballantine's and JOHNNIE WALKER. One of the most famous distilleries in Scotland is CARDHU which dates back to 1824 and makes the CARDHU Single Malt and the  CARDHU Pure Malt

What is whiskey? Elaboration and distillation process

It is made by distilling the fermented juice of various cereals that, subsequently, is subjected to an aging process in barrels made of wood. This alcoholic beverage can be prepared from malt, rye, corn, wheat and barley.

One of the most important phases is aging in wooden barrels that will give it aroma and flavor. In drinks made from malt, the barrels are made of oak and it is specified that they have previously contained sherry or Bourbon wine.

How is whiskey drunk?

The way to drink whiskey varies from person to person. Some prefer to take it alone and pure because they believe that this way you can better enjoy its flavor and aroma.

There are those who add water, soda, ice or soft drinks. You can even prepare a wide variety of cocktails.

What are the main brands of whisky?

There are countless whiskies. Here are the best-known brands:

Main cocktails with whiskey

Whiskey can be combined with other drinks to make cocktails. One of these is the Rob Roy which is prepared with sweet Vermouth, Angostura Bitter, cherry juice and lemon peel.

Another blend is known as Mike Collins: it's made with syrup, lemon, and soda. Sour Whisky is also made with lemon, orange and sugar.

In addition, the Lago de Almendras cocktail is prepared with Amaretto and Ginger Ale; and the Dina that carries lemon, honey and mint.

Conclusion on Mini Whisky Bottles 

Whisky is known worldwide and made by various countries, such as Scotland, Ireland, France, Japan, the United States, India, and Spain. Beverages differ from each other by the type of cereal used and the distillation process.

Pure, with ice, with soft drinks or combined with other spirits, whiskey is the guest of honor at meetings and parties for its characteristic aroma and flavor, due to its aging in wooden barrels.

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