Mini bottles of GIN

Miniature bottles of miniature gin.

what is gin?

When we talk about gin, it is important to know the different spirits that are related to juniper berries, the main fruit of this perennial plant with the same name, used for making gin.

Types of gin

In the European Union there are up to a total of four sales denominations for alcoholic beverages flavored or flavored with nebrina, the fruit of the juniper tree. What we commonly call gin or gin.

  1. Juniper-flavored spirit drinks: These are drinks obtained by flavoring with juniper berries an ethyl alcohol of agricultural origin and/or a grain spirit and/or a grain distillate.

The minimum alcohol content is 30%.

  1. Gin: Gin is a spirit drink obtained by flavoring ethyl alcohol of agricultural origin with juniper berries.

The minimum alcohol content is 37.5%.

  1. Distilled gin: spirit drink obtained exclusively from the redistillation of an alcohol of agricultural origin and a minimum initial alcoholic strength of 96% in stills in the presence of juniper berries and other vegetable products.

The minimum alcohol content is 37.5%.

  1. London gin: a type of distilled gin. For a distilled gin to be considered London gin, the liquid must be obtained through redistillation in ethyl alcohol stills with the presence of natural vegetable matter but with a maximum content of 5 grams of methanol per hectoliter of pure alcohol. The resulting distillate must contain a minimum alcohol content of 70%, to which no sweeteners, colorants or other ingredients other than water are added.

The minimum alcoholic strength shall be 37.5%

Brands of gin

In MINIBOXBAR.COM we have more than 35 brands of gin in miniature format. The main brands you can buy are:

  1. Mini bottle of BOMBAY Dry Gin
  2. Small bottle of gin MARTIN MILLER'S
  3. Mini bottle SEAGRAM'S Extra Dry Gin
  4. Miniature GORDON'S London Dry Gin
  5. Bottle of LARIOS Dry Gin
  6. Mini bottle of RIVES London Gin
  7. Small bottle of TANQUERAY London Gin
  8. Small bottle of HENDRICK'S Gin
  9. Miniature gin bottle BOMBAY SAPPHIRE
  10. Bottle of BEEFEATER London Dry Gin
  11. Mini bottle of CITADELLE Gin
  12. Small bottle of MAGELLAN Gin
  13. Small bottle of G'VINE Floraison Gin
  14. Miniature bottle of G'VINE nouasion Gin
  15. Bottle of Gin GIRÓ
  16. Mini gin bottle LARIOS 12
  17. Small gin bottle BULLDOG
  18. Small bottle SLOANE'S Dry Gin
  19. Miniature gin bottle BLUE RIBBON
  20. Gin bottle BEEFEATER 24
  21. Mini gin bottle JODHPUR
  22. Small bottle of gin HAYMAN'S 1820
  23. Small bottle of BRECON gin
  24. Miniature gin BLOOM
  25. Bottle SAFFRON gin
  26. Mini gin bottle TANQUERAY RANGPUR
  27. Small Bottle Gin XORIGUER
  28. Small bottle of Nordés atlantic galician gin
  29. Miniature pink gin Giro pink
  30. Mini bottle pink gin PUERTO DE INDIAS Gin Strawberry
  31. Small bottle PUERTO DE INDIAS Gin Classic
  32. Small bottle PUERTO DE INDIAS Gin Dry
  33. Miniature Pomadadrink XORIGUER
  34. Bottle Akori Gin
  35. Mini bottle Gin MareGin tube
  36. Small bottle Only Gin
  37. Small bottle Jaguar's Distilled Dry Gin.

where to buy small bottles of gin?

In MINIBOXBAR.COM we offer you a selection of more than 30 mini gin bottles.

We deliver within 48 hours to all Spain. Shipping costs are free for orders over 100 euros. We offer different payment methods: credit card, bank transfer and cash on delivery.

You can buy miniatures at the best price: Gin bottles from 1,29 euros.

Small bottles for weddings, mini bottles for gifts and gin miniatures for your collection.

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