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Vodka has managed to overcome geographical barriers and is currently consumed all over the world. There are different types of vodka, depending on the distillation process and the country in which it is manufactured. Among them we have theSMIRNOFF, a native of Russia, and the ABSOLUT vodka, of Swedish origin.

There are also other versions, such as theBELVEDERE vodka made with rye, and the ERISTOFF Vodka that was created in Georgia in the nineteenth century. To the list of vodkas we can add the BELUGA and theGREY GOOSE that is made with wheat.

This drink can be taken alone or prepared in such famous cocktails, such as tonic vodka.

What is vodka?

Vodka is an alcoholic beverage that is obtained with the distillation and subsequent filtering of the fermented juice of cereals - such as corn, rye, rye and wheat - to obtain alcohol that then undergoes a dissolution process.

Who invented it? How is it produced?

The origin of vodka has not been determined with absolute certainty. Although this denomination is Russian, specialists claim that it also comes from Eastern European countries and the Baltic nations, such as Poland, Ukraine, Belarus, Finland, Norway, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.

For the production of vodka you have to follow several steps in the process. Here we mention them:

•        Crushing: the cereal grains are ground, until flour is obtained to which water will be added. This mixture will be converted into alcohol, after fermentation.

•        Distillation: with this process a more concentrated alcohol is achieved. The distillate can be repeated up to nine times.

•        Filtration: by filtering alcohol, impurities are removed.

•        Dissolution: at this stage, water found in springs, glaciers and lakes is usually used to obtain a better quality product.

How is vodka taken?

In Russia, Poland and the Baltic nations, vodka is drunk pure, but there are those who cool it first before consuming it. In other countries the drink is combined with other spirits to make cocktails.

Top Vodka Brands

There are a variety of vodka brands that are produced not only in Russia and Eastern European countries, but are also manufactured in the United States, France and Canada. Here we mention a few: SMIRNOFF, ABSOLUT Vodka, Zubrowka Vodka, BELVEDERE, Chopin, Krupnik, Miskaya Kristall, Khorytsa, Blavod, Vodka O2, a, Diva, Three Olives, Grey-Goose, CIROC, Chambord, Ketel One, SKYYmy Iceberg.

Main cocktails with vodka

Vodka can be combined with other spirits, obtaining excellent cocktails, such as cosmopolitan that has COINTREAU, lemon and blueberries.

You can also prepare the Bloody Mary, which is a mixture of tomato, English sauce, tabasco sauce, lemon, salt and pepper. There's also the Sex On The Beach cocktail with peach liqueur, orange juice and blueberries.

In the list we include the Blue Lagoon, the Caipiroska, the Black Russian and the Long Island Iced Tea that has white rum, tequila, gin soda and lemon juice.

Conclusion on vodka bottles

Vodka enjoys a good acceptance in the world, because it combines very well with other liquors for the preparation of cocktails.

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