Miniboxbar opens the summer with 4 new mini bottles of gins

Miniboxbar opens the summer with 4 new mini bottles of gins

What better way to welcome the most anticipated season of the year than with an expansion of the gin portfolio? The great selection of thirty mini bottles of gin that MINIBOXBAR offered you so far, has now been expanded with 4 new references: Akori Gin, Monkey 47, Gin Mare and Only Gin.

We present the main characteristics of all of them:

Akori Gin: distilled based on cereal alcohol -mostly rice- and Japanese-inspired botanicals, it is a gin with citrus and fruity notes and with light touches of ginger. Its flavor contains notes of juniper and exotic touches of Dragon Fruit and kumquat, providing citrus details.

Monkey 47: known as the gin with the most ingredients in the world, it was created in the mid-twentieth century but was forgotten until at the beginning of the XXI it was recovered and began to be produced in the heart of the Black Forest. The figure that is part of its denomination recalls the number of botanicals used and that is why it is considered the gin with the most ingredients in the world and, without a doubt, one of the most surprising thanks to its wide variety of aromatic nuances.

Gin Mare: it is a gin with a tremendously marked Mediterranean profile and was born in a small distillery located inside a hermitage, in a traditional fishing village between the Costa Brava and the Dorada.Se selected the botanists who could best represent the Mediterranean essence -rosemary and Greek coriander, Turkish thyme, Italian basil, Indonesian cardamom and olives, Spanish citrus and juniper - and from this ambitious combination Gin Mare was born. Ideal for gifts, your presentation pakaging will delight you!

Only Gin: without a doubt, the most floral of the built-in bottles. Coming from the Barcelona distillery CAMPENY, it is made with 100% cereal alcohol. To this are added a mixture of botanicals of flower petals such as violet, jasmine, juniper berries, rose petals, mauve, lavender, orange blossom, thought, lemon balm and hibiscus. For two consecutive years he has won the double gold medal in the San Francisco World Spirits Competition, the most important award of this contest.

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