How to fascinate ABSOLUT enthusiasts?

How to fascinate ABSOLUT enthusiasts?

ABSOLUT is an icon by itself. He doesn't need a cover letter. It began to be marketed in the United States about 40 years ago and, in addition to becoming the paradigm of culture, art and nightlife, revolutionized cocktails by introducing a range of flavors as attractive as it is curious. Its replicas in mini-bottles were not long in coming and has gathered some of the most renowned flavors:

ABSOLUT Citron: it was launched in 1988, two years after the 'first flavored member of the family, ABSOLUT Peppar. The success was huge among the usual "lemon slice" and became the main ingredient of the popular "Cosmopolitan".

ABSOLUT Raspberry: this excellent taste ABSOLUT is due to the raspberries of the mountains of Sweden. Since its appearance about 15 years ago, it has often been used to make a large number of cocktails although, judging by the intensity of its flavor, it does not need to be combined with anything or anyone.

ABSOLUT Mandrin: this is the fourth flavor created by the firm (behind Peppar, Citron and Kurant). It is characterized by extreme softness and its predominant citrus notes, which can be enhanced when mixed with discreet orange peels.

ABSOLUT Pears: beyond citrus fruits, ABSOLUT bets on fruits as elements of freshness and spontaneity. That is why he does not forget the pears, which give a prolonged sweet and fruity flavor without the need to pull added sugars. Natural ingredients at the service of an original and delicate flavor.

ABSOLUT Apeach: although it already has a trajectory of more than 10 years, it is one of the most "recent" flavors. will soon incorporate it among its more than 150 current references. The sophistication of the peach is mimicked in the mini-bottles of Apeach while highlighting its fruity character. Like citron' ABSOLUT , its maturity shows that it manages perfectly on its own.

ABSOLUT Vainila: another of the upcoming additions of that will also contribute to complement its assortment of bottles. Vanilla is one of the most revered flavors in the world and that is why ABSOLUT decided – in 2003 – to make it available to the most exquisite palates. It is rich, robust, complex and with dark chocolate accents.

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