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    Bottles and miniatures of whisky CHIVAS Regal at the best price. Buy scotch whisky bottle CHIVAS and miniatures from the best whiskey brands (Jack Daniel whiskey, JOHNNIE WALKER whiskey, CARDHU whiskey, JAMESON) in MINIBOXBAR. SEE MORE BOTTLES SEE MORE BOTTLES OF WHISKEY

    3,39 €
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    Bottles of whiskey CHIVAS Regal 18 years at the best price. Buy bottles of Scotch whisky CHIVAS 18 years and miniatures of the best whisky brands (CARDHU, JOHNNIE WALKER Black Label, TOMATIN, ABERLOUR, LAGAVULIN, MACALLAN,...) in MINIBOXBAR. Mini glass bottle of 5cl for collectors, to give away or for wedding detail. SEE MORE BOTTLES SEE MORE BOTTLES OF...

    7,79 €

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